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Probation Violation

Honorable Discharge

Probation Violation for Felony Credit Card Fraud
Court: District Court

Client was on probation for credit card fraud. Client had been attempting to get his life back together, but drugs and alcohol kept on bringing him back to trouble. He was once again in the Clark County Detention Center on a probation violation and looking at over six years of prison in the Nevada Department of Corrections. Joel spoke with his family and found out the situation with the new charges and the violations. Joel then went and visited with the Client in CCDC and started peeling away the potential issues to be presented to the Judge. It appeared at first that the Client had really put himself in a bind this time. Joel started looking into alternatives for the Judge. Joel was able to get the Client approved for a residential treatment program that was going to satisfy all the potential concerns the Judge was going to have. On the day of probation violation hearing, Joel was able to convince the Judge to reinstate the client with the added condition of residential treatment. Ultimately the Client was able to successfully complete the treatment and be released off probation with an honorable discharge.

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