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Being investigated, accused, or charged with a sex crime in Las Vegas is devastating. You are facing possible lifelong ramifications. Just being accused of a sex crime is enough to place your entire life in turmoil. People are arrested on as little evidence as a statement from an alleged victim with no corroboration. The case merely becomes a “he said, she said,” with a potential life sentence at stake.

We understand that being found guilty of any sexually motivated crime can result in lengthy prison sentences, heavy fines, and other severe penalties. In addition, most people convicted of sex crimes are required to register as a sex offender in the state of Nevada. Registration as a sex offender carries a social stigma that can seriously affect your professional and personal relationships. Failure to register as a sex offender can result in additional criminal charges. It is also possible to become ineligible for a long list of employment opportunities if you are convicted of a sex crime.

If you’ve been accused of a sex crime, contact an experienced lawyer from our law firm to assist you in fighting the charges. The Law Office of Joel M. Mann has extensive experience handling sex crime cases. We can review your situation during a confidential consultation, explain your legal options, and explain how we can build the best defense possible, given the circumstances.

Prostitution is NOT Legal in Las Vegas / Clark County

Las Vegas has a reputation for sex tourism due to the wild nightlife and the array of sex-related workers such as exotic dancers, escorts, etc. Many people have the misconception that prostitution is legal in Las Vegas, but this is not at all true. Legal prostitution at licensed brothels only exists in a few rural counties in Nevada. Under Nevada law, prostitution is illegal in any county with a population of more than 700,000 people. This includes Clark County and all of Las Vegas.

Often, prostitution arrests occur when the police conduct undercover sting operations. If you are a sex worker or tourist accused of a prostitution-related crime, it is vital to get proper legal representation.

Las Vegas Sex Crimes Lawyer

The Law Office of Joel M. Mann has dealt with all categories of sex offenses in Nevada. Joel will guide you through this trying time and help you defend yourself against all levels of accusations. A law office that cares for its clients and understands their needs is a law office that will fight for you.

It is crucial that you understand how important hiring the right defense attorney is when it comes to protecting your rights and your life. Call Joel Mann at (702) 986-0565 for a free consultation about the particular facts of your case.

Sex Crimes List in Nevada

The Nevada Revised Statutes have listed several sexual offenses and their punishments. Provided below is the list of major sex crimes prosecuted in Nevada, along with the corresponding section numbers:

NRS 200.366 Sexual Assault

Nevada law defines sexual assault as subjecting another person to sexual penetration. Sexual assault may also involve forcing another person to engage in sexual penetration of themselves, another person, or an animal against the person’s will or under conditions in which the accused knows the person lacks the physical or mental capacity to resist or understand the nature of the conduct. Sexual assault in Nevada also includes committing a sexual penetration upon a child under 14 or causing such child to sexually penetrate themselves, another person, or an animal.

NRS 200.366 Date Rape

The act of “date rape,” or drugging a person to overcome any resistance they may have to a sexual act, constitutes sexual assault in Nevada. This is because the crime of sexual assault includes engaging in the act of sexual penetration while knowing that a person lacks the physical or mental capacity to resist or understand the nature of the act due to intoxication.

NRS 200.368 Statutory Sexual Seduction

The crime of statutory sexual seduction is when an adult engages in intercourse or sexual penetration with a 14- or 15-year-old when the accused is at least four years older than the victim. Statutory sexual seduction, commonly called statutory rape, constitutes a misdemeanor offense when the defendant is under 21 and a category B felony when they are 21 or older. However, the offense is a category D felony for a defendant under 21 who has a prior sexual offense.

NRS 200.373 Spousal Rape / Marital Rape

Nevada law states that marriage to the victim does not constitute a defense to a sexual offense when the offense occurs through the use or threat of force against the victim.

NRS 200.603 Peeping, Spying, Peering into a Dwelling

Peeping occurs when a person enters another’s property or premises with the intent to secretly conceal themselves on the property and peer or spy through a window, door, or other opening. However, the offense excludes lawful actions, such as a law enforcement officer conducting an investigation, a building inspector or official conducting their duties, or a public utility employee conducting their duties.

NRS 200.604 Capturing Image of Private Area of Another Person

Nevada law makes it illegal to photograph or take video of another person’s private area without their consent and when that person has a reasonable expectation of privacy. Furthermore, the law makes it illegal to distribute or publish such images.

NRS 200.710 Using a Minor in a Pornography Production

Nevada’s child pornography statute makes it illegal to knowingly use, encourage, entice, or permit a minor to simulate, engage in, or assist others with simulating or engaging in sexual conduct to produce a performance. Using, permitting, enticing, coercing, or permitting a minor to become the subject of a sexual portrayal, regardless of whether the child knows that they have become part of a performance, also constitutes the production of child pornography.

NRS 200.720 Advertising Child Pornography

The law also makes it illegal to knowingly promote the performance of a minor who engages in or simulates a sexual performance or assist others in doing so.

NRS 200.730 Child Pornography Possession

The crime of possession of child pornography occurs when a person knowingly and willfully has possession of any visual presentation depicting a person under 16 as the subject of a sexual portrayal or engaging in, simulating, or assisting others to engage in or simulate sexual conduct.

NRS 201.180 Incest

Nevada law makes it illegal to fornicate with or marry a person nearer to kin than second cousins or half-cousins.

NRS 201.190 Sodomy

The crime of sodomy occurs when a person of full age engages in anal intercourse, cunnilingus, or fellatio in public.

NRS 201.210 Open or Gross Lewdness

A person commits an act of open or gross lewdness when they engage in sexual activity with another person in public or engage in non-consensual activity with another person short of sexual penetration, such as groping another person.

NRS 201.220 Indecent Exposure

A person engages in indecent exposure or public indecency when they make an open and obscene exposure of their person or another person’s body other than to breastfeed a child.

NRS 201.230 Lewdness with a Child Under 16 Years Old

An adult commits a crime when they willfully commit any lewd or lascivious act with a child under 16 with the intent to arouse or gratify the lust of the defendant or the child. A person under 18 can also break the law by willfully committing a lewd or lascivious act with a child under 14 with the intent to arouse or gratify their or the child’s sexual desires.

NRS 201.300 Pandering

A person commits the crime of pandering when they, without physical force or the immediate threat of force, induce an adult to engage in prostitution or enter a place that practices prostitution to engage in prostitution or sexual conduct. The pandering statute also outlaws sex trafficking, defined as inducing, causing, recruiting, harboring, or transporting a child to engage in prostitution or causing a person to engage in prostitution through violence, intimidation, fraud, duress, or coercion.

NRS 201.354 Prostitution and Solicitation

Nevada law makes it illegal to engage in prostitution or solicitation except in a licensed house of prostitution. The law also outlaws soliciting a child or a peace officer posing as a child for prostitution.

NRS 200.310 Kidnapping / Abduction for Sexual Purposes

Someone who willfully seizes, confines, or kidnaps a person to commit sexual assault commits a category A felony.

NRS 201.110 Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor

A person commits the crime of contributing to the delinquency of a minor when they commit an act or neglect a duty that causes or tends to cause a child to become delinquent. A child may become delinquent if they engage in acts such as begging in public, wandering, frequenting the company of criminals, skipping school, or using alcohol or drugs.

NRS 201.265 Exhibition and Sale of Obscene Material to Minors

Nevada law makes it illegal to distribute obscene materials to minors or exhibit such materials to adults in a manner or location that allows minors to view or examine them.

NRS 201.540 Improper Sexual Conduct Between Teachers and Students

A person 21 or older employed by a school in a position of authority may not engage in sexual conduct with a student 16 or older enrolled at the school or with whom the person had contact in the performance of their duties for the school.

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False Sex Crime Allegations

False sex crime allegations or accusations are more common than you might imagine, especially when sex crime allegations are made between people in a consensual sexual relationship.

Most people make false accusations out of fear or due to pressure from peers or police. For the falsely accused, getting legal assistance right away is crucial. Many people are prosecuted and convicted based on false allegations, so it is necessary to fight these sex crime charges immediately.

There are a wide variety of sexual offenses in Nevada. It is necessary to have a well-informed and experienced sex crimes lawyer to help you navigate the legal process. Being falsely accused of a sexual offense can be a devastating experience, but with competent legal representation, you can put these sexual offense charges behind you and move on with your life.

Sex Offender Registration in Nevada

Some people convicted of sex crimes must register as a sexual offender in the state of Nevada. You can find the complete Nevada laws on the registration of sex offenders and offenders convicted of a crime against a child in NRS 179D.010-179D.850. Below is some brief information and definitions concerning sex offenders in Nevada:

There are three categories of convicted sex offenders in Nevada:

  • Active Status – This status indicates that you are following Nevada law in terms of your registration as a sex offender.
  • Inactive Status – If you meet the required situations, you will be classified as inactive status for the state of Nevada which means that you are not a threat to the community. It is important to contact a lawyer if you are uncertain whether you qualify for inactive status. You want to ensure that you are placed in the appropriate category to avoid breaking the law.
  • Non-Compliant Status – People are placed in this category if they have failed to meet the requirements laid out in the code.

Nevada Sex Offender Tier System

In addition to the categories of compliance, there are also categories or tiers that determine how dangerous a registered sex offender is to the surrounding community, which classify registered sex offenders as:

  • Tier 1 (Low risk)
  • Tier 2 (Moderate risk)
  • Tier 3 (High risk)

Consult a lawyer about sex offender registration in the state of Nevada. Depending on your particular sex crime and how your conviction was handled, you may not have to register, or you can be placed in a less restrictive category.

How a Sex Crime Lawyer Can Help

If you are facing charges of sexual misconduct, child molestation, or another sex offense, an experienced attorney can help in several ways:

  • Help before charges are filed, such as arguing it is a case of mistaken identity or misunderstanding
  • Deal with law enforcement on your behalf
  • Work toward insulating and protecting you from criminal allegations, such as arguing there is insufficient evidence at a probable cause hearing
  • Analyze the discovery and investigation plan for your case
  • Come into a case at any stage and prepare for trial
  • Gather evidence of why you may be falsely accused of the crime
  • Make every effort to resolve your case without a trial
  • Argue reasonable doubt if your case goes to trial
  • Find alternatives to prison time

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Nevada Sex Offender Registry—This is the Official sex offender registration page, with registration compliance information for offenders and sex offender information for the general community.
Public Record Search – This page allows you to pay for a background search or utilize some public record information to find out general criminal history.

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