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Las Vegas is one of the main tourist attractions for the state of Nevada. People are attracted to nightlife, shows, and gambling. In order to accommodate the people that gamble, it is relatively easy to get a casino marker in Las Vegas casinos. However, when you leave Las Vegas, it’s imperative that you make sure your debts are paid.

What is a Casino Marker?

A casino marker is a line of credit that a casino can provide to guests to use for gambling. Casino markers are treated the same way as a check. Treating a casino marker like a check allows the casino to draw the money from an individual’s bank account if they do not pay the funds.

Generally, casinos do not do detailed credit checks nor do they verify your funds before issuing you a casino marker. If you know that you do not have enough money in your bank account to cover the marker, you are perpetrating fraud on the casino under Nevada law. However, many people are charged with the crime of fraud or casino marker even if they have money in the bank at the time of the gambling but no longer have it when the casino cashes in on the marker. Nevada law presumes that you intended to defraud the casino when you do not pay the debt back.

What if I Don’t Pay The Casino Marker Back?

It is a very serious offense in Nevada not to pay casino debt. Nevada is the only gaming state that imposes both criminal and civil penalties for people that do not pay their casino debts. You need to have an experienced Las Vegas criminal defense attorney to handle your case if you are being accused of a casino debt. Casinos aggressively prosecute people who do not pay casino markers.

How Long Do I have before I have to Pay the Casino Marker?

After 10 days, if you have not paid the debt and fees, the Casino can refer the matter to the District Attorney who would decide whether to file a criminal complaint.

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What are the Penalties For Not Paying a Casino Marker Debt?

You will be prosecuted if you are arrested for not paying a casino marker. The severity of punishment depends on the amount of unpaid debt. Penalties could include:

Marker Amount

Possible Penalty

Less than $1,200


  • Possible 6 months in jail

  • Up to a $1,000 fine

Over $,1200

Cat. B Felony

  • 1-4 Years Prison

  • A possible $5,000 fine

  • Restitution

  • Administrative fees

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At the end of the day, the casinos want their money. They really don’t want to press charges and send people to jail if they don’t have to. If you have been charged with a crime due to casino debt, then contact the Law Office of Joel M. Mann. As an experienced criminal defense attorney, Joel Mann can negotiate a settlement and help you stay out of jail. Contact Joel Mann at (702) 474-6266 for a free consultation.