Violation of Probation or Parole Charges in Las Vegas

It is easy to violate probation because the conditions are often very strict. The consequences for even the slightest violation probation can carry harsh penalties. In many instances, will be sentenced to serve out their original sentence. This makes it critical for accused individuals to immediately learn about their defense options and fight back.

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Attorney Joel Mann has experience helping clients in Las Vegas, Nevada avoid severe punishments for their probation violations. He will fight to make sure you get the justice you deserve. Contact the office to get help with your specific case before it is too late.

The Law Office of Joel M. Mann will work with you to do everything possible to keep you or your loved one out of jail or prison. When a probationer is accused of violating probation the probationer will be brought before a District Court Judge for a probation violation hearing.

Probationers are entitled to legal representation at the probation violation hearing. If you contact the Law Office of Joel M. Mann, it may be possible to avoid returning to Nevada State Prison or it may be possible for Mr. Mann to get you a shorter stay in prison. Results depend on your particular situation. Call Joel Mann at (702) 474-6266 to discuss your probation violation or fill out the online form.

Difference between Parole and Probation

  • Parole – A person who has been sentenced to prison, started serving his prison time, and then was paroled (early release) for the remainder of his prison sentence. During that release, the parolee is required to complete tasks and abide by the rules of his parole officer. If he violates his conditions of release, his parole officer can arrest him, place him in prison, and take him before the Nevada Parole Board for a violation hearing.
  • Probation – A person who has been sentenced to a term of prison, but that prison sentence is suspended for a period of time. If the person completes probation during that period of time, typically a 3 or 5 year period, without a violation then his case will be closed without serving time in prison. However, if the person is found to have violated his probation then the Judge may impose the original prison sentence and send him to the Nevada State Prison.

Conditions of Probation

There are many conditions of probation depending on the type of offense committed and the negotiations reached. However, it is the Judge at the time of sentencing that dictates what the conditions of probation will be. Below is a list of the more common restrictions and conditions of Nevada parole or probation:

  • Report to a probation officer regularly.
  • Get permission from your probation officer before changing your place of residence.
  • Ban on drugs and alcohol in some cases.
  • Regular drug testing for illegal drugs, dangerous drugs or narcotics.
  • Ban on possessing any type of weapon.
  • Ban on associating with known felons or gang members.
  • Full cooperation with the probation officer and the terms of your probation is expected.
  • Mandatory for you to comply with all laws and basically conduct yourself as a good citizen.
  • Ban on out of state travel.
  • Mandatory for probationer to look for and maintain employment approved by the probation officer.
  • Probation officer has the right to conduct a search of parolee’s vehicle, person, or place of residence.
  • Payment of a monthly supervision fee is sometimes necessary.
  • Additional special conditions may apply.

Your probation officer and attorney can explain the conditions of probation and the consequences for violating the probation.

Typical Violations of Probation

The Nevada court can set different parameters for a person’s probation. However, the most common probation violations are as follows:

  • Failing to maintain employment
  • Failure to follow curfew
  • Failure to stay in the jurisdiction




  • Consuming alcohol or other drugs

Depending on the offense, there can be other violations of probation. For example in a violent crime case, an additional condition of probation might be to not contact the victim.

Probation officers can be very difficult for a convicted person to deal. Many times these officers are overworked and have too many cases to deal with. You have to assume that all probation officers will not keep good records of what you have done or what they have told you. It is important for you to keep your own set of records. Every class you complete you should have your own receipt, every payment, everything you do for your probation you should keep proof that you did it. Without your own proof, the probation officer can say that you never did it and you will not be able to fight that accusation.

Consequences of Probation Violations

NRS 176A.635 covers the consequences for violating probation.

  • The probationer forfeits all or part of the credits for good behavior earned during probation
  • Forfeiture may be made only by the court after proof of the violation and notice to the probationer
  • Probation may be revoked and prison time reinstated

There could be several other consequences for violating probation. Keep in contact with you probation officer and a knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer to make sure you stay in compliance with your probation.

Juvenile Probation

A lawyer can assist juveniles who are accused of violating the terms of their probation. It is especially important for those who are young to get the best representation possible. The future of the juvenile depends on keeping out of additional trouble. The Law Office of Joel M. Mann will work with the judicial system to do everything to keep you or your loved one out of jail. Contact Joel Mann at (702) 474-6266 in the Las Vegas area to discuss your legal options before it is too late.


Nevada Department of Public Safety – Division of Parole and Probation – Nevada’s DPS division of Parole and Probation (P&P). It is the philosophy and practice of this Division that each offender is responsible for his or her behavior and for the choices they make each day.

Nevada Board of Parole Commissioners – Describes the conditions of parole and the steps that people on parole need to follow in Las Vegas.

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