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Casino Markers / Debts


Drawing and Passing a Bad Check
Court: District Court

Client was a long time gambler at the Wynn Casino. He knew Steve Wynn and was given casino markers by his top advisers. He was considered a high level gambler and would come to Las Vegas to gambles 100 of thousands of dollars. As with everyone in this country the economy went bad and he was suddenly no longer able to pay his casino debt. He tried to negotiate with the Wynn on his own but with no success. The Wynn sent the case to the Clark County District Attorney’s Office and requested prosecution on the bad debt. Before being arrested the Defendant hired Joel Mann to help him with his Casino Marker case. Joel was able to arrange the Las Vegas Justice of the Peace to quash his arrest warrant and let him be processed without being in custody. As the case was ready for preliminary hearing Joel was able to get the case dismissed in the Las Vegas Justice Court. The DA wanted to prosecute the Defendant, so they took the case to the Clark County Grand Jury. The Jury not hearing all of he evidence returned a true bill and indicted the Defendant. Up in District Court, Joel Mann was able to convince the District Court Judge that the State of Nevada and the Clark County District Attorney’s Office failed to follow the law and improperly indicted his client. With his legal ability he was able to get the Casino Marker Indictment dismissed against his client.

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