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Sex Crimes

No Charges

Sexual Assault investigation
Court: No Court

The client was contacted by the Special Victims Detective regarding an allegation of sexual assault. Client was extremely worried that a false allegation would turn into a criminal charge and impact his good standing in the community. Joel immediately reached out to the Detective and started building a rapport with the Detective. Based on the discussions, Joel arranged a meeting with the Detective. Joel provided the Detective with compelling evidence. The Detective later contacted Joel and stated that he decided not to file any criminal charges against client. The client was extremely grateful for Joel’s hard work.


Open and Gross Lewdness, Lewdness With a Minor Under 14 Years of Age
Court: Nye County Justice Court

Client was charged with the serious sexual offenses of open and gross lewdness and lewdness with a minor. A young girl was accusing the Client of inappropriately touching her breasts on two separate occasions. Joel sat down with the Client numerous times and went through the sequences of events. After several meetings, Joel was able to see the flaws with the girl’s story. The Client and Joel were able to get a hold of witnesses that supported the Client’s version of events. Joel took that evidence to the fairly new prosecutor and attempted to convince her that the case should be dismissed. Unfortunately, the prosecutor was not interested in dismissing the case. Joel did not give up. He did not want his Client to have to endure the stress and agony of a trial if the client did not have to. Joel persisted to tear into the evidence. The hard work payed off, on the eve of preliminary hearing Joel was able to convince the prosecutor to dismiss all charges against the Client. Needless to say the client was ecstatic to get his good name back.

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