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Misdemeanor Prostitution
Court: Las Vegas Municipal Court

Client was charged with soliciting prostitution. Client was wrapped up in a Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department sting where they caught people on camera trying to solicit prostitution. Client was distraught as he swears he did not do anything wrong and the mere accusations were causing negative impacts on his life. Client hired Joel Mann and the office went to work on finding out the details of the so-called sting. It turns out that there were significant problems with how the undercover operation was conducted. Joel found the flaws in the operation and was able to determine that the Client had not made any specific advancements to engage in prostitution. Based on Joel’s analysis, the Court dismissed the case. Client was thrilled and is now starting the process of sealing his record.


Solicitation of Prostitution
Court: Las Vegas Justice Court

Client was arrested while visiting Las Vegas. He was staying the night at the Planet Hollywood Casino when he decided to go to one of the casino bars. While getting a drink at the casino bar he struck up a conversation with an attractive woman. The conversation went on for a while and there was a lot of flirting back and forth. The woman surprised the client by asking him if he was looking to have a little fun. The answer was of course what did she have in mind. She went on to tell him that she would do things for him. Being interested he inquired further and she explained that there would be a cost. He explained to her that he was not interested at this time but would take her number if he would become interested later. She pushed further about when he would call, when they could meet up, etc. He agreed to go and talk about more of the details in his room if she was interested. They started walking to the elevators and when he got to the elevators he was arrested by a vice team that was waiting. The woman was obviously an undercover cop and had just nabbed one of many people for solicitation of prostitution. Client hired Joel to represent him on this extremely embarrassing situation. Client was desperate not to have any conviction associated with this type of arrest. Joel talked to the prosecutor and was able to get the case dismissed with a small fine and one class. Client was then able to seal his record and have the entire incident removed from his record.

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