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Misdemeanor Charges


Misdemeanor Prostitution
Court: Las Vegas Municipal Court

Client was charged with soliciting prostitution. Client was wrapped up in a Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department sting where they caught people on camera trying to solicit prostitution. Client was distraught as he swears he did not do anything wrong and the mere accusations were causing negative impacts on his life. Client hired Joel Mann and the office went to work on finding out the details of the so-called sting. It turns out that there were significant problems with how the undercover operation was conducted. Joel found the flaws in the operation and was able to determine that the Client had not made any specific advancements to engage in prostitution. Based on Joel’s analysis, the Court dismissed the case. Client was thrilled and is now starting the process of sealing his record.

Reduced Misdemeanor Battery

Attempted Murder, Battery with Substantial Bodily Harm with a Deadly Weapon
Court: Goodsprings Justice Court

Client was arrested after he was alleged to have been involved in a road rage incident. Client was accused of firing his 9mm semi-automatic weapon out of a moving car and striking a driver of another car and missing the passenger. Client was driving from California to Nevada when he encountered another car that was driving erratically. He pulled over to the next lane to try and pass the car but the car would not allow him to pass. This went on for several miles. Eventually words were exchanged and gestures made. Client was able to get past the other car and pulled off at the Primm exit. While on the exit ramp other car pulled in-front of Client and cut him off. The occupants in the other car got out of the car and made it almost impossible for Client to get past. Client drove by and fired two shots, hitting the driver of the other car in the stomach. The driver was air lifted to University Medical Center and immediately went into surgery. Client drove away from the scene of the incident and was eventually arrested just outside of Las Vegas. This incident received media attention and was reported for several days as a road rage incident accusing Client of horrific acts. Joel Mann was hired and filed a motion before the Justice Court and was able to get a reasonable bail amount. Once client was out of custody, Joel went to work on trying to figure out what really happened. After an investigation Joel discovered issues that would indicate the Client was acting in self-defense. Joel convinced the prosecutor that there were problems with the case and he was able to get a case that demanded mandatory prison time, down to a misdemeanor with a small fine. Client did not have to serve an additional day in jail and will be able to seal his record in two years.

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