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Heavy drinking of alcohol can lead to extensive effects on the brain, from memory issues to permanent conditions that can require a lifetime of custodial care. People have to be aware that all alcoholic drinks are not created equal when it comes to alcohol content and the effects on the brain.

The Law Office of Joel M. Mann, a respected criminal defense firm in Las Vegas, has released a new infographic illustrating how different types of alcohol affect the human brain. This resource aims to help individuals understand the effects of alcohol and avoid the dangers that come with alcohol abuse.

When charged with driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI), a person is facing a stressful scenario. People with this kind of case can lose their license, pay expensive fines, serve time in jail, and have a permanent criminal record. This is why The Law Office of Joel M. Mann has released the infographic warning about how alcohol can affect the brain.

The Las Vegas criminal defense attorney at the Law Office of Joel M. Mann provides trusted professional advice when people need a strong DUI defense. Clients work with a highly skilled and experienced DUI defense lawyer who will argue to have charges reduced or dropped and minimize serious consequences.

A Las Vegas DUI lawyer from the Law Office of Joel M. Mann will take action to help people facing serious DUI charges. The firm has a deep understanding of the many issues involved in a DUI case and can provide strong legal strategies for clients.

“Over the years, we have helped many clients who have been accused of driving while under the influence of alcohol. We believe that it is important to educate people about the possible effects of alcohol on the brain so they can make informed choices,” says Joel M. Mann, founder of the Law Office of Joel M. Mann.

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