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The Law Office of Joel M. Mann reveals why hiring a domestic battery defense attorney in Las Vegas is important. The firm understands that facing a battery constituting domestic violence charge is difficult and stressful. It is a disruptive case that can pose an emotional burden for an individual. With this, the law firm emphasizes the importance of hiring a professional domestic battery defense attorney in Las Vegas.

Charges of domestic battery can result in wide-ranging consequences including anger management classes, domestic violence counseling, restraining orders, drug abuse classes and jail, if immediate action is not taken. Facing this charge can also affect the personal as well as the professional life of an individual. The Law Office of Joel M. Mann is ready to help clients who are facing this difficult charge.

Domestic battery charges can result if a person is accused of committing assault on any of the following people in his or her life:

  • Any relative by marriage or by blood
  • A former or current spouse
  • Someone living in the same home
  • A co-parent of a child
  • The suspect’s minor child
  • A significant other
  • A suspect who is appointed as legal guardian of a small child

Battery domestic violence is characterized by offensive touching of a person who has a close or personal relationship with the accused. The team at the Law Office of Joel M. Mann is willing to help clients who have been facing domestic battery charges. The firm is ready to offer legal solutions to fight for the rights and freedom of clients.

People who are falsely accused of battery domestic violence can have hope and confidence with the support of a professional attorney from the Law Office of Joel M. Mann. The firm understands the concerns and needs of clients, and Joel M. Mann carefully plans strong defenses for each and every client. The responsible legal team works to help victims of false violence accusations, and the firm takes action to reduce the burden on its clients. The firm implements a comprehensive and personal approach to prepare cases for trial, when necessary.

The legal team treats clients with respect and professionalism because they understand the pressures clients are under. The team works to lessen the emotional burden of clients by fighting for the best possible outcome in every case.

An experienced domestic battery defense attorney in Las Vegas is crucial to help individuals fight for their reputation and their freedom after an arrest. The Law Office of Joel M. Mann is committed to giving high-quality legal support to fight for the innocence of clients. The firm works tirelessly to craft strong defenses and protect clients’ rights.

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