In 2010 Bruno Mars was arrested when he was at a night club in the Hard Rock Casino. Mars had gone to the bathroom and a bathroom attendant believed Mars to be using drugs and detained him for the police.

What happened to Bruno Mars in 2010 happens every night in Las Vegas Night Clubs. I have numerous clients who call me about being arrested after going to the bathroom in various Las Vegas night clubs. The Clubs and the Las Vegas Casinos hire people to literally stand in the bathroom and watch people use the facilities. The so-called bathroom attendants are not there to assist customers use the facilities and enjoy mints after relieving themselves, rather these attendants are trained to spy on people and attempt to determine those that are using drugs.

Once a bathroom attendant suspects you of using drugs the attendant will do whatever it takes to catch you in the act. I have seen numerous cases were the attendant looks over the top of the stall, kicks in the stall door, or publicly berate you until you come out of the stall. These attendants have very little limitations on what they can do because they are employed by the property and it is a public restroom.

In Bruno Mars arrest, according to the report, a bathroom attendant approached a security officer at the facility to say that there was a man in a bathroom stall who might be using drugs, telling the guard that a male in the bathroom was “taking a really long time.”

The attendant said he observed the suspect in a striped shirt with a “baggy of white powder substance.” The attendant and the security guard approached the suspect as he exited the stall, and the guard ordered Mars to hand over whatever narcotics he had on him. “This is when Hernandez, with his left hand, pulled out a white powder substance, which was consistent with cocaine, from his left-front jeans pocket.”

When the guard asked Mars if he knew why he was being detained, the singer reportedly said, “Can I speak to you honestly, sir?” and then said he “did a foolish thing and has never used drugs before.”

That is another mistake that I often see people get into with the Las Vegas night clubs. People who are detained immediately state that the drugs are theirs and request to just be released. Law makers and police have come down hard on the growing and very profitable night club industry, if the clubs let suspected drug users go then they would put their license to own a club in jeopardy. Therefore the night clubs have a zero tolerance for anything that appears to be drug use. No matter what you say the police will be contacted to deal with anyone suspected of drug use.

Remember when you go to these Las Vegas night clubs don’t assume your trip to the bathroom is a private trip. If you are in this situation, you should always remember you have a constitutional right to remain silent.

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