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Marijuana Offenses Blog

The Law Office of Joel M. Mann provides criminal justice representation to Las Vegas residents and out-of-state visitors. Facing a criminal charge can ruin the good name and reputation of an individual. Because of this, the firm extends its legal services to help good people who have been charged with…

You’re really excited about Spring Break this year. You have been studying endlessly and you just need to unwind a little before getting back to your schoolwork. You have mounting pressures as you start to think more about your career and what you will do after you graduate from college….

Isn’t Marijuana Legal in Las Vegas? Why Am I Being Charged with Possession?

Nevada law permits people to use marijuana for recreational and medical purposes. But those statutes will not automatically give you a foolproof defense if you are arrested for marijuana possession in Las Vegas. The city may have a reputation for wild partying, but it’s also home to law enforcement officials…

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