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Can I get a DUI for being high? A person can receive a DUI for being high under the influence of drugs. When a person is unable to safely operate a motor vehicle under Nevada law, that would be considered driving under the influence. A person that has been properly prescribed medication from a doctor and is properly taking those medications and is driving but is unable to drive in a safe manner while on those medications would still be considered a DUI.

If someone is high on marijuana and is driving, that would also be considered a DUI. Under Nevada law, if you had two nanograms of active marijuana in your system, that is per se driving under the influence of drugs. If you have five nanograms of the inactive marijuana metabolite in your system, that would also be per se driving under the influence and you would be arrested.

It’s really important that you discuss all the situations in your particular case but the easy answer, the short answer is yes, you can get a DUI for being high.

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