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You’re really excited about Spring Break this year. You have been studying endlessly and you just need to unwind a little before getting back to your schoolwork. You have mounting pressures as you start to think more about your career and what you will do after you graduate from college. You’ve been planning a trip to Las Vegas during the break for months now, and finally, it’s here.

You may find that while Las Vegas is a hard-partying city with plenty of opportunity for cutting loose and enjoying time with your friends, it also has a vigilant police force that is prepared to hold you accountable for violations of the law. Are you under the age of 21? You could be charged with underage drinking if you’re caught with an alcoholic beverage. Were you apprehended with cocaine, MDMA, or another controlled substance? You might be facing serious fines and penalties, including incarceration. Even marijuana, which is legal to possess in certain quantities, still cannot be smoked in public without risking a fine.

Las Vegas has become one of the most popular Spring Break destinations for college students. Many students see Spring Break as a time to have fun hanging out with friends and meeting new people, but all too often college students on Spring Break run into trouble with the law. Being arrested or ticketed in Las Vegas during Spring Break can have long-lasting consequences. Depending on the charges, a student may face fines or even jail time. Common charges that college students face while on Spring Break include underage drinking and drug possession, among others.

Did you get in trouble while on Spring Break in Las Vegas? Wondering what to do now? Call the Law Office of Joel M. Mann. As a Las Vegas defense attorney with 15 years of experience defending people who have been charged with both low and high-level criminal offenses, we firmly believe that you shouldn’t be forced to deal with the lasting stigma of a criminal record when you were merely trying to enjoy yourself on Spring Break. Don’t let what happened in Vegas keep you in Vegas!


Underage Drinking

The legal drinking age in Las Vegas is 21 years old. Anyone under the age of 21 consuming an alcoholic beverage, or even possessing an alcoholic beverage in public, may be charged with a misdemeanor and may face a fine of up to $1,000 and up to 6 months in jail. (Nevada Revised Statute 202.020)


Drug Possession

Many students on Spring Break admit to using illicit drugs while in Las Vegas. Marijuana is the most common. While recreational use of marijuana is now legal in Nevada, there are still restrictions on who can use it and where. According to the Nevada Revised Statues Section 453, marijuana remains a controlled substance under the law.

Adults 21 years old and older may legally possess up to 1 ounce of marijuana. However, possessing more than an ounce is a felony and can carry a jail sentence of up to 4 years.

Only licensed stores can sell marijuana. Selling marijuana is a felony that can carry a jail sentence of up to 4 years for first-time offenders.

Smoking marijuana in public is illegal and is a punishable offense. Smoking in public is a misdemeanor and is punishable by a fine of up to $600.


Other Illicit Drugs

While marijuana is the most commonly used drug other than alcohol, possession, and use of other drugs may also lead to issues with the law for students on Spring Break. Other drugs that are often widely available to party-focused spring breakers include MDMA, cocaine, hallucinogens, benzodiazepines, and prescription opioids, among other controlled substances. The possession or distribution of any of these and other controlled substances is a felony. For a first offense, the court may agree to dismiss the case if you take a class or attend Nevada Drug Court, the state’s rehabilitation program.


Consequences of a Spring Break Arrest

Being charged with a crime while on Spring Break can have serious consequences for your future. If you are 18 years old or older, you will be tried as an adult and a conviction may end up on your permanent record. If you are convicted of a felony, you may be forced to deal with severe consequences like difficulty getting a job, losing your right to vote, and other hardships. Don’t let your future come to a crashing halt before it even starts. There may be options for having the charges dropped or reduced, but this will require the help of an experienced attorney who understands the particular nuances of the criminal justice system in Las Vegas.


Call Joel Mann for Help After a Spring Break Arrest in Las Vegas

If you have been charged with a crime while in Las Vegas, call the Law Offices of Joel M. Mann or contact us online to discuss your situation with an experienced Clark County criminal defense attorney. Our team has a proven track record of getting charges against students like you reduced or completely dismissed. We are prepared to work to build a convincing case in your defense and will do everything in our power to help you get out of this unfortunate situation.

Everyone makes mistakes. When on Spring Break, the temptation and the lure of “Sin City” might lead you to do something that you regret. What you will not regret is calling the Law Office of Joel M. Mann to your defense if you are arrested in Las Vegas. Our team has the experience that you need on your side to protect your freedom and your future.

Don’t let what happened in Vegas keep you in Vegas! If you were ticketed or arrested while on Spring Break in Vegas contact the Law Office of Joel Mann by phone or online now for a free consultation.

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