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With a nickname like “Sin City” and an ad campaign that promises that what happens here stays here, it is easy to see why Las Vegas is widely regarded as a town where anything goes. But while many visitors assume that the prevalence of escort services, strip clubs, and massage parlors speaks to the city’s permissiveness, its sex industry is actually highly regulated – and many do not find that out until they are facing charges.

Being convicted of prostitution or solicitation can have life-long consequences that impact your reputation, career, and freedom. The Law Office of Joel M. Mann is ready to help you fight the charges and avoid those consequences. Our experienced criminal defense attorney in Las Vegas handles all types of criminal defense cases, including those involving prostitution and other sex crimes. Contact us if you’re in need of a free case review.

Prostitution Laws in Las Vegas

Nevada is the only state in the nation where prostitution is legal, although there are numerous restrictions. Prostitution is only allowed under state law in licensed facilities located in counties with 700,000 residents or fewer. And Clark County, home to the city of Las Vegas and more than two million residents, is not one of them. Therefore, prostitution in Las Vegas is most certainly illegal.

Although plenty of erotic services are available within metro Las Vegas, the majority of licensed brothels and other houses of prostitution are located more than an hour’s drive from the Strip.

What Counts as Prostitution or a Prostitution-Related Crime in Nevada?

Generally, offering or accepting sexual services in exchange for money or items of value in Las Vegas is illegal and can lead to charges of solicitation or prostitution. Nevada law provides the following definitions for prostitution and related sex crimes:

  • Prostitution – Nevada Revised Statutes (N.R.S.) § 201.295 defines prostitution as engaging in sexual conduct in exchange for cash or other things of value.
  • Solicitation – In plain terms, “solicitation” is simply the act of trying or agreeing to obtain something from someone else by illegal means. N.R.S. § 201.354 specifies that it is unlawful for customers to solicit prostitution outside of licensed facilities.
  • Pandering – Under N.R.S. § 201.300, “pandering” occurs when someone causes another person to engage in prostitution without force or threat of force. Pandering charges typically apply to individuals like pimps and madams who procure clients for prostitutes.

Are Escorts Legal in Las Vegas?

Escorts are people who are paid to spend time with other people in either public or private settings. Many escort services in Las Vegas have flashy advertisements with scantily clad or nude women, giving the impression that these services sell sex. However, escorts are prohibited from offering or performing sex acts with their customers. Doing so can result in prostitution or solicitation charges.

What About Massages and Body Rubs?

Some massage parlors in Las Vegas advertise “sensual massages” and “body rubs,” which are technically allowed under the law. However, these services can cross into illegal territory when they involve intimate touching of the breasts or genitals.

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