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What happens when you get a DUI?

When someone is arrested for a DUI, there’s actually several things that go on at the same time. There is the issue regarding their license and then the criminal issue regarding whether they’re going to be going to jail or have a criminal conviction. The issue regarding their license for a first-time offense they could be losing their license up to 185 days.

If they refuse a breath test, it could be as much as 15 months where they could lose their license. On the criminal side for a DUI, someone is looking at potentially up to six months of jail for a first offense or a second offense.

For a third offense, they are looking at one to six years in prison with no probation possible. There are fines and classes that they’re looking at and potentially they could lose their job if they have a job that requires driving or just having a criminal conviction on their record could be very dramatic for their life as well. So there’s a lot of things that a person needs to think about when they’ve been arrested for DUI.

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