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Las Vegas may be a great place to get away and enjoy the nightlife. Still, many people take it too far and make serious mistakes. Whether it is the rush of being in a new place or the excitement of the city, many tourists and locals alike get hit with drug possession charges in Nevada throughout the year. Some crimes are much more serious than they sound. For instance, asking someone where you can buy drugs may seem harmless, but it could turn into one of the most serious charges you could face. Here’s why:

Nevada has many legal marijuana dispensaries throughout the state now. So, asking someone where you can find the nearest dispensary is not likely to land you in legal trouble. However, if you seek to purchase marijuana illegally from a non-licensed source or from someone other than a licensed dispensary, or if you ask someone where to purchase another type of drug that is illegal, it would be a crime. Under Nevada law, it is legal only if you buy marijuana from a licensed source. Also, many restrictions apply to how and where you can possess or use marijuana in the state.

So, if you ask someone to buy a drug such as marijuana from an unlicensed source or a banned controlled substance, it can become a crime. This is because it could be deemed to be a step in the commission of a crime such as illegal possession.

Consequences of Asking Where You Can Buy Drugs

If asking someone where to buy illegal drugs leads to an arrest, you could face a charge for possession of a controlled substance or worse. For instance, if you purchase a supply of illegal drugs for a week in Las Vegas, then based on that large quantity, you could face the risk of being charged with possession with intent to sell or distribute or even a trafficking-level offense Those are serious crimes that carry serious consequences, including incarceration and steep fines.

How a Las Vegas Drug Crime Defense Lawyer Can Help You

Not all drug crimes are the same. Neither are criminal defense firms. At the Law Office of Joel M. Mann, I understand that a simple drug charge can quickly turn into a serious criminal conviction that hurts your future. Drug possession laws can be complex, and police and prosecutors can be aggressive. I will fight to protect you at every stage in your case.

For instance, I can review the prosecution’s evidence against you and make sure the government does not overstep and violate your rights. I can also explain your charges, your possible defenses and your options, and I can provide the open, honest advice that you deserve. My goal will be to form a working partnership with you. I believe that partnership serves as the foundation of a successful defense.

If you have been accused of possession of a controlled substance in Nevada or you need help understanding your rights under Nevada law, contact the Law Office of Joel M. Mann today and get a free consultation.

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