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Can I seal my records in Nevada?

Can I seal my records in Nevada? Under the law in Nevada, a person has the ability to potentially seal the record depending on certain crimes that are on their records. When you seal your record in Nevada it’s as if this incident on your record never occurred, it’s as if it wasn’t there.

What we do is we actually go and get a court order and we then take that court order to the various government agencies and ask them to remove the entry from their database so that it is no longer there. So that when it’s searched, people will not be able to see that you were arrested for a crime or that you have a conviction for a crime as well. There are certain crimes that are not allowed to be sealed.

Any crime that involves a child is unsealable, typically, a category A felony is unsealable such as murder or rape, any sex offense is unsealable. A DUI or a domestic violence is not allowed to be sealed until seven years after the case has been closed and that’s something that we will have to go through to discuss.

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