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Can a domestic violence misdemeanor be sealed? A person’s domestic violence misdemeanor conviction can be sealed. It can be sealed after seven years from the date that the case has been closed. Once that seven-year time period has passed, we go into court and get a court order for that sealing. That court order demands that all the reporting agencies remove that conviction from a person’s record and has it no longer there. Under Nevada law, it’s as if that conviction or that incident never occurred. We’ll remove the arrest and the conviction.

It’s important to note that in order to actually seal your record, everything in your record needs to be sealable, meaning if you have something that does not fit within the proper time frame, you can’t seal anything in your record. A domestic violence conviction, it’s seven years from the date that the case is closed. But it’s important that we go through your record and look at everything together in order to establish that.

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