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I got arrested at Electric Daisy Carnival. Now what?

I got arrested at Electric Daisy Carnival. Now what? If you’re arrested at the Electric Daisy Carnival, it’s important that you take this matter very seriously. When you are arrested, what happens typically depends on the type of arrest. Usually, at a music festival, it is for drug possession. So you’re taken down to the Clark County Detention Center and processed and booked. A lot of times, they will release people pretty quickly. However, it’s important that you don’t disregard your arrest because you are still looking at serious felony charges, and you should take those very seriously. Especially if you live out of town, it’s important that you address those charges by hiring an attorney and talking to that attorney about the situation involved.

When you’re arrested, it’s important that you do not speak to the law enforcement about what’s going on. Do not admit to anything, you have a Fifth Amendment right to remain silent and you should keep that Fifth Amendment right. The police, the undercover cops there are trying to arrest people to remove people from the carnival. So it’s really important that you discuss your particular case with your attorney.

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