Electric Daisy Carnival Arrests

The Electric Daisy Carnival is one of the world’s biggest EDM festivals, drawing hundreds of thousands of fans to Las Vegas every spring. Some attendees who end up having “too much fun” assume their lack of knowledge of Nevada state law will protect them from serious trouble. Unfortunately, this is not the case. If you are facing charges for conduct at EDC, you need experienced legal counsel to protect your rights and fight for your freedoms. You need Las Vegas Electric Daisy Carnival arrests lawyer Joel M. Mann.

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What Is the Electric Daisy Carnival?

The Electric Daisy Carnival, or EDC, is an electronic dance music festival with several locations worldwide. EDC originally began as a one-day rave in Los Angeles, but since 2011, the flagship three-day festival has taken place in Las Vegas, usually at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. In addition to the center stage for music performances, EDC also offers carnival rides and games, costumed performers, and fireworks.


Common Reasons for Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas Arrests 

The organizers of EDC hire private security responsible for screening guests at the gates for illicit drugs and weapons. Security also patrols the carnival grounds to respond to criminal activity. Guards will detain any attendee suspected of criminal activity until the Las Vegas Police Department or Clark County Sheriff’s deputies arrived to investigate and potentially arrest the attendee.

Private security and law enforcement officers detain and arrest attendees at EDC for a wide range of suspected criminal offenses, including:


What Happens After an EDC Arrest?

After an EDC attendee is arrested by law enforcement, they can expect to be brought to the police station, processed, and possibly questioned by detectives. Booking involves being photographed and fingerprinted and having your belongings searched and inventoried. Depending on the severity of your arrest, you may be able to post bail.

If you are not offered the opportunity for bail at processing, you will have another opportunity to be released at your arraignment. An arraignment is your first appearance before the trial court, where you are formally advised of the charges against you and enter a plea to them.

If you plead not guilty, the trial court will advise you of your right to counsel. The trial court will also schedule one or more preliminary hearings.

The prosecution may offer you a plea deal, in which you agree to plead guilty to one or more charges in exchange for the prosecution recommending a lighter sentence or dismissing some of the charges against you. Your attorney can also file motions to exclude evidence from the prosecution’s case or to dismiss charges against you due to lack of evidence or violation of procedural rules.

If you do not reach a plea deal or obtain a dismissal of your charges, your case goes to trial. At trial, the prosecution must prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt to a judge or jury.


EDC’s History of Drug Abuse

EDC has a reputation for drug use among attendees, with excessive intoxication and overdoses often leading to hospitalizations and death. According to the American Addiction Centers’ National Rehab Directory, at one recent EDC three-day festival in Las Vegas, there were two fatalities and 25 hospitalizations attributed to drug abuse. Additionally, there were 73 arrests on narcotics-related charges and five DUI and alcohol-related arrests. Five people were hospitalized on the first night of the festival, another 12 people were sent to the hospital on the second night, and another eight were hospitalized on the third and final night.

Both deaths happened on Saturday, the second day of the festival. The first fatality occurred when the victim collapsed in the parking lot early that morning. He was pronounced dead several hours later. The second victim died Saturday night after being found unresponsive away from the festival. Both victims’ exact causes of death were yet to be determined.

Unfortunately, the number of drug-related incidents at EDC increased dramatically from the prior year, which saw only nine hospitalizations and 53 narcotics arrests. Overall, there have been fewer drug-related incidents since EDC’s flagship festival moved from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. That move was motivated by intense pressure from city officials there after the 2010 edition saw over 100 hospitalizations, including the death of a 15-year-old girl from a drug overdose.


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