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Facing any sort of criminal charges can be scary and often the first question is whether or not to hire a criminal defense lawyer. Depending on the charges, having an experienced lawyer can make all the difference from going to jail or prison and getting off with just probation. The obvious downside is the potential costs and fees associated with hiring a lawyer. However, in many cases the monetary fees of a criminal defense attorney are minimal compared to the life-altering costs that can result from not having the best possible defense. Hiring a lawyer is a chance for you to have an expert on your side.


1. Lawyers understand the intricacy of courts

The first and sometimes most vital reason to hire a criminal title=”defense attorney|defense lawyer|lawyer|attorney”>defense lawyer is that they know how the court system works. The court system can be confusing, however an experienced defense attorney knows how the court system works and can support you through your case from start to finish.

2. They know what chances you have

A criminal defense lawyer will know what outcome you are looking at based on their relationship with the prosecutor and judge. While the judge has the final say, your lawyer will at least be able to give you a clearer picture of what will happen.

3. Current Relationships with prosecutors

With an experienced defense lawyer you typically will also receive years of building a relationship with the prosecuting attorneys. This gives you the advantage of having a direct line with the person that will be helping to determine the outcome.

4. You are being questioned or investigated

If you are a suspect or being implicated to a crime the police and the investigators will want to question you. Under no circumstance should you speak to investigators without an attorney present. You have every right to have an attorney present when being questioned.

5. They can save you money

While it may seem that spending money on a defense lawyer wouldnt save you money the outcome without an experienced lawyer can be financially devastating. A criminal defense attorney is going to give you the best possible sentencing when compared to not having a lawyer at all. A stripped license or a prolonged time in jail or prison will cause a financial ripple effect that can be difficult to recover from.


An Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer

Joel M. Mann is an experienced Las Vegas criminal defense attorney. He knows the fright and confusion that people experience when they get arrested and charged with a crime. He also knows how to use his legal skill and experience to ease his clients’ stress and achieve positive results for them. Get in touch with Joel M. Mann right away. He can provide many important services to you at every stage in your case.

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