This month, hundreds of thousands of revelers are expected to descend upon Las Vegas for the annual Electric Daisy Carnival, a multi-day electronic music festival. The festival has a free-wheeling reputation, and many attendees arrive with the expectation that the event is a free-for-all for narcotics. It’s not, however, and every year there are hundreds upon hundreds of arrests at EDC-Las Vegas.

The arrests start at the entrance to the festival. EDC promoters do little to dispel the festival’s reputation, but they do seek to reduce their liability by posting security guards at the door to search the bags of attendees. If they find controlled substances, they will take you to a holding area. There, they will question you. Unlike police, they are not required to read you your Miranda rights, and they are not required to provide you with an attorney once you ask.

After the security guards are finished asking you questions, they will turn you over to police, who will formally arrest you. Anything you told the security guards will be evidence against you.

Once you’re inside the festival, assume security guards and undercover cops are watching everything you do. If they see you with any narcotics you slipped in or acquired once inside, they will detain you and you will likely face Clark County drug charges.

The danger doesn’t stop when you leave the festival. The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department and Nevada Highway Patrol will be posted along all routes leading away from the Electric Daisy Carnival, ready to pull anyone over who they suspect of driving under the influence, either of alcohol or drugs. If they find narcotics in your car, they may also charge you with possession.

Don’t count on being able to skip town and not deal with the charges. You could be extradited, or you could lose your license in your home state.

Here are a couple things to remember if you’re planning to attend the Electric Daisy Carnival:

  • You don’t have to answer questions from security guards. They are not required to advise you of this fact, like police are, but you can refuse to answer questions. They may tell you that if you answer the questions, they’ll just confiscate the drugs and send you on your way into EDC. Do not believe this.
  • Carry with you the contact information of a Las Vegas criminal defense attorney who represents people in Electric Daisy Carnival arrests. An attorney back home will not be able to help you, unless he or she is licensed in Nevada. The sooner after an arrest you have an attorney, the better.

If you’re coming to the Electric Daisy Carnival, have fun, but be ready.

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