Nevada Law Enforcement Launching Anti-DUI Campaign.

As always the Nevada Highway Patrol and Las Vegas  Metropolitan Police Department will increase their patrol for drivers who are under the influence. It is important that you are vigilant with what you are drinking and how much you are drinking, otherwise you could end up in jail for at least a night or two. It does not take very much alcohol to be considered over the legal limit.

Should you be stopped by the police it is important that you stay calm. First step is to remember you have a constitutional right to remain silent. If the officer asks you whether you have been drinking you are not required to answer that question. In fact if you answer yes then that very well may provide the officer with probable cause to arrest you and withdraw your blood.

If you are arrested for DUI it is important that you hire a DUI attorney who understands the nuiances of the law and how the Court system works. Not all DUI’s are treated the same and you should not hire a lawyer that is going to treat you like any other DUI. Your DUI is unique and you should receive service from a lawyer that embraces that.

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