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Robbery is violent crime defined under Nevada law as “the unlawful taking of personal property from the person of another, or in the person’s presence, against his or her will, by means of force or violence or fear of injury, immediate or future, to his or her person or property.”

A person can be charged with robbery for the simple act of taking something from another with force. Anything as small as a candy bar taken with force can bring about a robbery charge. It is important to find a criminal defense attorney who knows the legal nuances of the law and can properly explain the facts to a jury. It is important you have an attorney who can fight for you.

A person can spend several years in prison if found guilty of robbery charges. In addition, judges tend to show no mercy to those who are accused of a robbery crime, and prosecutors aggressively try to get convictions in robbery cases. With the real possibility of losing your freedom, it is imperative that you have a lawyer who will do what is required to fight for your freedom.

Las Vegas Robbery Defense Attorney

Joel Mann practices criminal defense in the Las Vegas area. His office has the resources to defend you against even the most intricate cases relating to theft. In the past, he has successfully won cases dealing with robbery with use of a deadly weapon and he has also had cases dismissed or the charges reduced.

Definitions for Robbery and Theft Crimes

  • Robbery – the defining characteristic of robbery is that violence or intimidation is used in order to seize property from another. You can use verbal threats or injure the victim with your hands. No weapons are used in a plain robbery.
  • Robbery with use of a deadly weapon– weapons such as guns or knives used in the commission of a robbery elevates the crime to an aggravated or armed robbery.
  • Auto Theft / Carjacking – There is not a specific law in Nevada about a carjacking. This offense falls under grand larceny of a vehicle. If violence was used robbery charges will be added. If a weapon was involved then aggravated robbery charges are added. If the victim was assaulted or battered then those charges are added as well.
  • Burglary – defined by the entry into any home, business, structure, vehicle, plane or rail car with the intent to do any of the following:
    • Commit larceny or grand larceny
    • Commit assault or battery on a person
    • Commit any felony
    • Obtain money or property by false pretenses
  • Petit Larceny – A person who without lawful authority knowingly controls any property of another person with the intent to deprive that person of that property.
  • Shoplifting – This is a theft crime that can fall under larceny or grand larceny depending on the amount of merchandise taken and the aggravating or mitigating circumstances that surrounded the shoplifting event.

Robbery is a type of theft. In cases where actual weapons are used and people are hurt additional charges of assault, illegal possession of a deadly weapon and robbery with use of deadly weapon charges can be filed from one robbery offense. The consequences for robbery, aggravated robbery and additional charges in conjunction with robbery are high. Seek a lawyer right away if you have pending robbery charges against you in Las Vegas.

Penalties for Robbery

The penalty for robbery is 2-15 years in prison and if a weapon was used in the commission of the robbery an additional 1-15 years may be added to the sentence. It is vital to seek out experienced counsel if you are charged with a robbery in Clark County.

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