Weapons Enhancement Charges in Las Vegas

The Law Office of Joel M. Mann does not represent ex-felons who are trying to restore their gun rights. This is nearly impossible as it requires a pardon from the governor. We only take cases involving current weapon charges. If you would like to apply for a pardon, you can visit the Nevada Board of Pardons Commissioners.

This page is dedicated to the types of weapon charges the Law Office of Joel M. Mann does handle.

Any weapon-related offense can result in serious penalties if a conviction is reached, including fines and jail time. However, criminal offenses can lead to penalties beyond what is prescribed in the Nevada statute in certain circumstances. Crimes committed while using a deadly weapon, in particular, can lead to enhanced penalties. It is critical to understand the implications of your charges and review your options with an experienced defense attorney, especially if a deadly weapon was present while another criminal offense was allegedly committed. These enhancements can greatly affect your freedoms.

Las Vegas Lawyer for Weapons Enhancement

If you or a loved one has been charged with a crime in which a weapon was used or present during the commission of the offense, contact Las Vegas attorney Joel M. Mann. As an experienced criminal defense lawyer, Joel M. Mann has represented many men, women, and youth facing weapon enhancement charges. He understands the severity of the situation on your future and makes every effort to fight for your best interests.

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Definition of Weapon Enhancement in Nevada

According to Nev. Rev. Stat § 193.165, weapons enhancement is defined as an increased penalty for an individual who is in possession of a deadly weapon or tear gas when they allegedly committed a crime. A deadly weapon can include any instrument, if used for the manner in which it was designed and constructed, can cause substantial bodily injury or death. This definition can also include any weapon, device, or instrument, which can be used, attempted to be used, or threatened to cause serious bodily harm or death. An individual can receive a weapons enhancement charge even if they have a permit to possess the weapon.

Penalties Associated with Weapons Enhancement in Las Vegas

The penalties for a weapons enhancement charge will vary depending on the punishment of the original crime. Under Nev. Rev. Stat § 193.165, the defendant can be given between one and twenty years imprisonment, in addition to the term prescribed for the statute of the crime if a deadly weapon or tear gas was present or used during the commission of the crime.

Please note that the penalties for a weapons enhancement cannot exceed the sentence given for the crime. The weapons enhancement sentence also runs consecutively with the sentence given for the original crime.

Determining the Length of Nevada Weapon Enhancement Penalties

In cases where a weapon or tear gas was present or used during the crime, the court will consider various factors in determining the length of the additional sentencing. These factors can include one or more of the following:

  • Facts and circumstances of the crime
  • Criminal history of the defendant
  • Impact of the crime on the victim
  • Mitigating factors presented
  • Any other relevant information

If an individual is convicted of committing a crime such as murder, first-degree kidnapping, sexual assault, or robbery while in possession of a weapon or firearm in Nevada, they are not eligible for probation or a suspended sentence.

Law Office of Joel M. Mann | Las Vegas Weapons Enhancement Attorney

If you or someone you know has been charged with a crime where a deadly weapon was present or used, it’s critical to seek immediate legal counsel. Not only can you face the sentence for the crime itself, but the additional weapons enhancement may bring with additional severe penalties. The Law Office of Joel M. Mann represents men and women facing charges of weapon enhancement in Clark County, including Las Vegas, Spring Valley, Sunrise Manor, Enterprise, Winchester, Whitney, and nearby areas.

It is important to hire an experienced weapons defense lawyer in Las Vegas who will make every effort to fight the allegations against you and not simply settle for the easiest solution. Call (702) 474-6266 today for a free consultation about your weapons enhancement charge. Let defense attorney Joel M. Mann fight for your freedom and future.