Aiding or Abetting Charges in Las Vegas

If you have been charged with aiding and abetting in Las Vegas, Nevada you may wonder what the offense actually means. This typically involves a crime that has been committed and at least two people participated at some level of the crime. Someone accused of aiding and abetting does not have to commit the actual offense in order to be charged. If the alleged offender knowingly or intentionally participated in the crime at all, then they can possibly be found guilty of an aiding and abetting offense.

Las Vegas Aiding or Abetting Defense Attorney

Terms similar to aiding and abetting, and often confused or interchanged with this offense are: conspiracy, accomplice, accessory, accessory to a crime, and accessory after the fact. If you or a loved one has been accused of aiding or abetting, it’s important to speak with a Nevada criminal defense attorney right away to discuss the particular facts of your case. Attorney Joel Mann has represented those accused of aiding or abetting in the Las Vegas area and can help you through this difficult situation.

Common Examples of Aiding and Abetting

You can be charged with aiding and abetting even if your level of participation would not be a criminal offense without the actually committed crime.

Some common examples of aiding and abetting are:

  • Driving an escape vehicle;
  • Keeping a lookout while someone else engages in a crime;
  • Committing wire fraud, bank fraud or mail fraud;
  • Creating an alibi for someone who has committed a criminal offense;
  • Providing information to someone you know will use it to commit a crime; and/or
  • Assisting in a kidnapping








Laws and Penalties for Engaging in Aiding and Abetting

Aiding and abetting can be both a federal offense and an offense under Nevada state law.

Under federal law, 18 U.S.C. § 2, someone who engages in this crime can be charged for committing the actual crime and can be punished very severely depending on the committed crime.

According to Nevada state law NRS 200.340, a person found guilty of aiding and abetting a person committing a crime like kidnapping can be charged with a:

  • Category B Felony with a prison term of 2 to 15 years; or
  • Category A Felony with a prison term of 5 years (after parole) to life without the possibility of parole if the kidnapped person suffers extreme bodily injury.

The type of punishment a person may receive for assisting another in committing a crime depends on the underlying crime that was committed. Either way, a person charged with aiding or abetting will be charged with the same crime as the person who actually committed the crime.

Federal punishments for aiding and abetting offenses can be even more severe than Nevada state law depending on your level of involvement and how you are actually charged. It is important to speak to a criminal defense attorney who has knowledge and experience in the matter.

Defenses to Aiding and Abetting

A criminal defense attorney will better help you understand the best possible defense for your aiding and abetting charge.

A few possible defenses to a charge of aiding and abetting are:

  • Not participating in the crime, but physically being at the scene of the crime;
  • Not having any intention to commit a crime;
  • Associating with the person who committed the crime, but not knowing they were engaged in criminal activity; and/or
  • You were accused of aiding and abetting after the crime had already been committed.


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