Criminal Conspiracy Charges in Las Vegas

If you have been charged with criminal conspiracy in Nevada, you may be wondering why you were charged with this offense when you never committed a criminal act. Criminal conspiracy is simply an agreement between at least two people with the intent to commit a crime.

Las Vegas Criminal Conspiracy Lawyer

It is important to know that your liability for criminal conspiracy will not be eliminated if you back out of the agreement after it has been made. However, this fact can possibly reduce your punishment. Additionally, you can potentially enter into a plea bargain with the prosecutor, or use a defense for your charge but it is necessary to first speak to a skilled criminal defense lawyer in Las Vegas, Nevada about your charges.

Crimes Similar to Criminal Conspiracy

Conspiracy is often confused with solicitation or attempt, but for these offenses only one person is usually charged with the crime, and the following additional requirements:

  • Solicitation – requires someone to offer or agree to give something of value to another person with the intent that person commit a crime or other unlawful act.
  • Attempt – basically requires a person to have the intent to commit a crime and doing more than “mere preparation,” or the planning stages of the crime, but not actually finish committing the crime.

Conspiracy Rules and Regulations in Nevada

Under Nevada Revised Statutes, section 199.480, conspiracy is an agreement between two people to commit any of the following crimes:

Further, NRS 199.480 states an agreement to commit any other crime or unlawful act, or even an act that is legal but committed with a criminal purpose is punishable by law. This means any agreement made with a criminal purpose is considered criminal conspiracy, and can lead to severe punishment.

Although under federal law an “overt act,” or an actual act to at least initiate the agreement, is required, there is no such requirement under Nevada’s law. NRS 199.490 Specifically states no “overt act” is required to be charged with criminal conspiracy for any of the crimes listed in NRS 199.480.

Possible Punishments for Committing Criminal Conspiracy in Nevada

If you are charged with criminal conspiracy for robbery, sexual assault, kidnapping in the first or second degree, arson in the first or second degree, or any other offense listed in NRS 205.463, you can be found guilty of a category B felony, and punished with prison time from one (1) to six (6) years.

If your alleged offense is conspiracy to commit murder, you can also be found guilty of a category B felony, and your punishment can include a prison sentence of two (2) to ten (10) years, and/or a fine up to $5,000.

If you have been charged with racketeering, also a category B felony, your punishment can range five (5) to (20) years in prison, and/or a fine up to $25,000.

For any other criminal conspiracy offense, you can be found guilty of a gross misdemeanor, and fined up to $2,000 and/or up to one year in jail.


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