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How to Roll the Dice When Playing Craps rolls 1
rolls handdice 1

How to Play Craps

  1. Players make wagers on the outcome of the roll or a series of rolls of a single pair of dice.
  2. The “shooter” manages both dice in one hand and then throws them on the craps table. The dice must hit the dividers on the reverse end of the table.
  3. Each round has two phases: Come Out and Point. The shooter starts a round by making at least one Come Out roll.
  4. Players place their bet as a pass line or don’t pass bet. A pass line bet is the most common type of bet in craps. If the roll is a 7 or 11, the pass line bets win. If the roll is 2, 3, or 12, the pass line bets lose. Any of these outcomes ends the round. Don’t pass works the opposite with 7 or 11 losing and 2 or 3 winning. For any other numbers rolled, play continues on to the second phase.
  5. The shooter tries to roll the point (rolled in the come out phase) before rolling a 7. If this happens, all pass line bets are paid. If a 7 is rolled first, all pass line bets lose. Play continues until the shooter rolls the point or a 7.

Probability of Dice Combinations Without
Any Special Techniques

Based on a standard 1-6 die and the possible number combinations to get any particular
sum, the natural probability of getting the following dice rolls are as follows:

rolls dice 1rolls r
rolls dice lrolls dice r1
rolls dice 2rolls dice r
rolls dice 2rolls dice r
rolls dice 3rolls dice 3
rolls dice 4rolls dice 3 r
rolls dice 4rolls dice 4 r
rolls dice 5rolls dice 4 r
rolls dice 5rolls dice 5 r
rolls dice 6rolls dice 5
rolls dice 6rolls dice 6 r
rolls manipulate dice

How to Manipulate the Dice in Craps

Manipulating the dice in craps might help you increase the odds of getting the roll you want when playing casino craps. Manipulating the dice involves gripping the dice or throwing the dice in a certain way.

Craps Strategy Tips

rolls knuckle
Dice grip

is how you hold the dice and involves wrapping certain fingers around the dice. You must also let go of the dice at specific times.

rolls towerdice
Dice stacking

is the direction the dice are facing in your hands. You adjust the position of the dice based on the numbers you want to roll.

how to roll

How to Roll the Dice

  • Minimize contact with the dice so that they do not get friction from each other.
  • Release the dice at the same time so they roll together.
  • Put equal pressure on both dice and hold them together before you roll.
  • Position the dice level with the table and parallel to its sides.
  • Throw the dice straight down to the center of the table with the same spin.
  • Throw the dice as straight as possible.

Controlled Throw

  • Place your index finger on 1. Place your thumb on six. Throw the dice in a controlled manner. This will create a higher probability to land on any other number than 1 or 6.
  • For a higher probability of a 1 or 6, place your fingers index finger on 3 and your thumb on 4 or your index finger on 5 and your thumb on 2.
rolls chips

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