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A casino marker is an advance that a casino has given a known gambler to their casino. Legally what it is, is nothing more than a check that the gambler is actually writing to the casino and the casino is waiting to cash it. Because it’s considered a check, at the time that a person is gambling they are required to have the money ready and able to be cashed at that moment in time. Oftentimes, casinos will wait 30 days before they go through the aspect of cashing it. Now, when a casino tries to cash it and it comes back non-sufficient funds, that’s when someone gets into real trouble. Casinos, obviously, want their money back and being Las Vegas the laws protect them to then go to the district attorney’s office and ask that they prosecute the gambler for theft, for fraud, for passing a bad check, and unpaid casino markers.

All potential felonies, all potentially prison sentences so it’s very serious and it needs to be addressed with appropriately. One of the things that I will do is I will talk to both the district attorney’s office as well as the casino to see if we can work out some sort of resolution to this issue and going through and determining if these checks were actually properly done.

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