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Many states enacted new laws that took effect at the beginning of 2020, and Nevada is no different. In the Silver State, there are new laws that govern everything from firearms to marijuana and more. It is crucial to understand the changes in these laws to avoid violating them.


Changes to Driving Laws

There were several changes made to the state’s driving laws. These include:

  • Reckless driving: A person can now face prosecution for reckless driving and vehicular manslaughter in parking garages and parking lots, as well as roads in apartment complexes and gated communities.
  • Speeding: The maximum fine for speeding in the state has changed. Now, drivers face fines that can be no higher than $20 for every mile per hour a driver is found driving above the speed limit, or the proper rate of speed. In the instance in which a driver pays all fines and fees prior to the first court date, the courts have the power to reduce the speeding charge to a non-moving violation.
  • Trick driving: The penalties for trick driving are now very harsh in the state. Those convicted face a maximum fine of $1,000, 100 hours of community service, a suspension of their driver’s license, and they will have their vehicle impounded.


Changes to Nevada Gun Laws

Under Assembly Bill 291, family members can now petition the court to temporarily prevent someone from having access to firearms when they are considered a danger to themselves or others. This is known as a red flag law, and Nevada joins many other states that have already passed them.

Nevada will also require nearly everyone who purchases a firearm to undergo a background check. This effectively closes the loophole of purchasing firearms at gun shows.


Changes to Nevada Marijuana Laws

Employers are now prohibited from taking the results of a marijuana test into consideration when hiring. This means they cannot refuse to hire someone based solely on these test results.

The only exceptions include firefighters, emergency medical technicians, and anyone applying for a job that requires driving a motor vehicle or working for the federal government.


Changes to Nevada Vaping Laws

Vaping is now banned in most businesses and public places. Casinos and bars that prohibit the entry of minors are exempt from the law.


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