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How to handle a felony drug charge?

How to handle a felony drug charge? If you think that you are about to arrested for a felony drug charge, the most important thing to remember is to not speak to law enforcement. You have the Fifth Amendment right to remain silent and you need to exercise that right. Any admissions that you make, like admitting to knowing that they were drugs or what those items were, can be used against you. That is important that you do not talk to law enforcement. Second, the most important thing is to not panic.

Often times people are very distraught over being arrested for felony drug possession, never been in trouble before and think their life is over. Although it is a serious felony, there are a lot of different defenses and strategies and mitigation that we can use to alleviate what has happened and deal with that. It is important that you speak to an attorney about your case so they can deal with your particular issues.

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