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What are the changes to Nevada DUI law? The Nevada legislature changed somethings in the DUI law. One of the things that they changed is the impact that it has on your license. If you arrested for a 0.08 violation, meaning you have a blood alcohol level of 0.08 or more. Then you can have your license suspended for 185 days, used to be 90 days for a first offense. Now, it’s 185 days for a first offense DUI. The only way that you can drive again is with a restricted license.

In order to get a restricted license, you need to install a breath interlock device on your car which will test your blood alcohol level every time you drive. If you fail to install that breath interlock device while you have a restrictive license, your license could then be suspended for three years for a first offense, or five years for a second offense or more.

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