Traffic Ticket Defense in Las Vegas

In the United States, 115,000 tickets are written every day. Most people feel that traffic tickets received in Las Vegas are not a major concern. However, there are several consequences if you do not handle these small traffic matters. The rates on your insurance can go up, your license may be revoked or even a warrant could be put out for your arrest if you leave traffic tickets unresolved.

Las Vegas Traffic Ticket Defense

Joel Mann is an experienced traffic violation defense lawyer who will tirelessly work to ensure that your traffic violation matter is resolved. Call the Law Office of Joel M. Mann at (702) 474-6266 to speak with a member of the staff and to find out how Joel Mann can help take care of your traffic tickets.

Your Traffic Ticket

When you receive a traffic ticket, you are essentially receiving a summons to appear in court. By signing the traffic ticket it does not mean you are admitting guilt, instead, it means that you are aware that you need to either appear in court or find another way to deal with the ticket. However, if you decide to just pay the ticket, you are admitting guilt and accepting the consequences of the traffic violation. If you want to dispute or fight your ticket, you must appear in court.

By hiring an experienced traffic attorney, the attorney can go to court for you and either get the ticket dismissed, negotiate a reduced traffic violation, or set your case for trial and fight the charges. Many times, depending on each individual case, the Law Office of Joel M. Mann is able to get your moving violation reduced to a non-moving violation such as an illegal parking ticket.

What are the different types of traffic violations?

In Nevada, the majority of traffic violations are considered misdemeanors with fines ranging from $25-$1000. More serious offenses carry even greater fines or the threat of imprisonment. It is important to note that if you do not pay these minor traffic fines, a warrant will be issued for your arrest.

Traffic violations are considered strict liability offenses. A strict liability offense means that liability can be attached to the person without proving intent. A good example is an overdue parking meter offense. It does not matter the circumstances surrounding why the meter does not register payment. As long as your vehicle is by a meter that says lack of payment you will get a ticket.

Typically the violations are broken down into two categories: moving and non-moving categories.

A moving violation is given when the vehicle is actually in operation and physically moving. A non-moving violation is given when the vehicle is parked or stationary. Most moving violations will add points onto your driving record; whereas, most non-moving violations will not add points to your driving record. There are some violations that carry special punishments that will affect your license. For example, if you receive a ticket for no insurance, the fine could be upwards of $1000 and in addition to the fine, your license could be revoked until you are able to show proper proof of insurance.

What are my options when I get a traffic ticket?

You have two main options:

1. Pay the ticket (Which we don’t recommend until you have consulted with a traffic attorney.)

If you pay for the ticket online or via the mail, in most cases you do not need to make a court appearance. On the ticket should be information on where to mail a check or money order to pay for the ticket. By paying for the ticket you are admitting guilt and the violation will be added to your driving record with the appropriate points added to your driving record. We do not recommend this option as you may not be aware of the consequences pleading guilty will have on your license and your livelihood.

2. Fight or negotiate ticket in traffic court (We recommend using an experienced traffic attorney to represent you)

Even if you may be at fault for the offense, you should still fight the ticket in traffic court. An experienced traffic attorney can typically negotiate a reduction in the traffic ticket which can minimize the impact on your driver’s license and insurance rates.

In order to fight the ticket, you will have to go to court and enter a “not guilty” plea. It is best to get a Las Vegas criminal defense lawyer if you are going to fight the ticket. A lawyer will be able to use the rules of evidence and other legal procedure to properly represent your best interests in court.

Consequences associated with pleading guilty to a traffic offense

When you pay the ticket you are essentially pleading guilty to the offense. Even if you plead guilty to the offense as part as a plea deal before trial or are found guilty of the offense by the judge or jury there are significant consequences.

Here are examples of a few of the consequences that come from pleading guilty to traffic offenses:

  • The majority of traffic offenses are reported to the Nevada DMV and the DMV shares the information with other states so traffic violations in Nevada might affect your license and driving privileges in other states.
  • The Nevada DMV employs a point system associated with your convicted traffic offenses. The points are added to your driving record and if you get enough points your license can be suspended or revoked completely.
  • If you get too many points on your driving record, your insurance rates and premiums can significantly increase.
  • If you were involved in a car accident, received a citation, and a civil suit is brought against you, the traffic offense conviction may be used in the civil lawsuit to prove you were negligent.
  • If you have a commercial license, you could lose your license and the ability to earn a living by driving commercial vehicles.
  • You will have to take time off work to deal with the ticket.

What happens if I lost my traffic ticket?

If you lost your traffic ticket, you must contact the county or city where you got the ticket and try to find out the information. You must take care of the ticket to avoid serious consequences to your driving record and your criminal record. If you contact the Law Office of Joel M. Mann, we can investigate when and where your ticket is scheduled to be heard.

What happens if I got an out of state traffic ticket?

It is possible to get a traffic ticket in Las Vegas as a tourist. You need to resolve the ticket or else a warrant may be issued for your arrest and the warrant will probably be reported state wide. You might get penalized in your home state for a traffic ticket issued in Nevada. You can contact a local Las Vegas traffic ticket defense attorney to take care of the ticket for you. In most cases, the traffic offense can be resolved without you having to come back to the jurisdiction.


  • Clark County Traffic Court – you can look up the status of traffic tickets in Clark County and obtain your driving record.
  • Nevada Traffic Offense Violation Codes – a full list of all the traffic violations in the Nevada Public Safety Code.

Law Office of Joel M. Mann | Las Vegas Traffic Ticket Defense Attorney

As a result of convictions for moving violations like simple speeding tickets, you will likely pay fines, court administrative fees, increased insurance costs and attend traffic school. Further, you could suffer possible suspension or revocation of your driver’s license. Please note that if your Nevada license is suspended, you will not be able to obtain a license in any other State until the Nevada suspension is lifted.

Don’t pay your traffic ticket just to avoid going to traffic court. While it may seem like a convenient option at the time, paying the ticket will cost you more in the long run due to increased insurance premiums and points on your driver’s license. If you or someone you know has traffic violations, contact the Law Office of Joel M. Mann for a free legal consultation. Las Vegas traffic attorney Joel Mann, is experienced in traffic court and can effectively help you deal with your traffic offenses.