Sale or Cultivation of Marijuana Charges in Las Vegas

Attorney Joel M. Mann, aggressively defends clients charged with the sale or cultivation of cannabis throughout Clark County, including the city of Las Vegas, North Las Vegas or Henderson. Call to speak to Joel Mann if your case involves an illegal search or seizure. The best drug defense often involves filing and litigating motions to dismiss the charges or suppress evidence illegally seized by law enforcement.

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Penalties for the Cultivation or Sale of Marijuana

Sale or CultivationChargeIncarcerationMax Fine
Less than 100 lbs(first offense)Felony1-6 years$20,000
Less than 100 lbs(second offense)Felony2 – 10 years$20,000
Less than 100 lbs(second offense)3 – 15 years$20,000
100 to 2,000 lbsFelony1 – 5 years$25,000
2,000 to 10,000 lbsFelony2 – 20 years$50,000
More than 10,000 lbsFelonyLife, possible parole after 5 years or 5-15 years$200,000
To a minor(first offense)Felony1 – 20 yearsvariable
To a minor(second offense)FelonyLife, possible parole after 5 years or 5-15 yearsvariable
Within 1,000 feet of school or other specified areasFelonydouble penaltydouble penalty

Affirmative Defenses for Medical Marijuana in Nevada

Medical Marijuana serves as an affirmative defense for several marijuana charges including sale or cultivation. The prosecutor may seek to prohibit the defense from asserting a medical marijuana defense for certain types of charges including:

  1. Delivering marijuana for no consideration to a person who does not lawfully hold a registry identification card.
  2. Delivering marijuana for consideration to any person; or
  3. Possessing marijuana or drug paraphernalia in a public place.

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Marijuana Defense Lawyer for Sale or Cultivation of Marijuana in Las Vegas

If you are charged with the cultivation of marijuana or the sale of marijuana then contact an experienced criminal defense attorney at the Law Office of Joel M. Mann. Find out how motions to suppress evidence obtained after an illegal search warrant or arrest warrant can impact your case.

When law enforcement seizes evidence without a warrant, learn more about moving to suppress the evidence. Find out whether the prosecutor has sufficient evidence to prove that you actually or constructively possessed the weed or pot.

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