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What happens when the police are called for domestic violence in Nevada?

When the police are called for domestic violence complaint, they know immediately before they even arrive on the scene that they are going to be arresting someone. They just need to figure out who it is. One of the first things that they do when they arrive on scene is they separate the parties and they start having a conversation with each of the people involved in the complaint.

Once they have that, they’re already assessing who they think they’re going to take to jail. They’re looking at a person’s injuries, they’re looking at how they’re behaving, how they’re talking. Once they’ve done that, they’re trying to establish who the primary physical aggressor is. They will then arrest that person and take them to jail. Often times though, the police do not do any further investigation which causes a person to be wrongfully arrested. It’s important that you come and speak with an attorney to discuss all the facts in your particular case so that we can establish defenses.

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