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What is domestic battery by strangulation?

What is domestic battery by strangulation? First of all, domestic violence by strangulation in the state of Nevada is a serious felony. It carries a potential prison sentence of one to five years. However, in order for the state to be able to demonstrate a domestic violence strangulation, they need to be able to prove a domestic relationship. In doing that, they have to demonstrate that the two people involved had a dating relationship, are related by blood or marriage, are living together or even have a child in common.

If they’ve established that, then the next step is to determine whether strangulation actually occurred. Strangulation in the state of Nevada is defined by when a person voluntarily impedes the breathing of another to a point where there’s an additional risk of harm or death. If they’re able to establish that, then they could argue that there is strangulation. So, it’s important to speak to an attorney about your case so they can deal with your particular issues.

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