What to Do When a Friend or Loved One Is Arrested

Learning that a friend or loved one has been arrested is a scary thing. You’re likely very upset and may not know what to do next. Understanding what to do, though, is important. This is a crucial time, and taking the right steps will help protect your loved one, while taking the wrong steps may hurt their case.

Keep Your Reaction Calm

It’s natural to become visibly upset after hearing that a loved one has been arrested. You may not understand what happened or become frustrated with the knowledge that they are not guilty.

Although you will have many thoughts running through your head and many emotions will surface, you must remain calm. You’ll need to speak to many officials, such as police officers, and this is much easier if you can remain calm while doing so. Officers, and anyone else you speak with, will be much more willing to help you if you can keep a cool head.

Find Out Where They Are

You may not know what county or jurisdiction your loved one was in at the time of arrest. This can make locating them more difficult. Try to contact your loved one’s friends, employer, and anyone else who may have known their whereabouts. This will determine which police department to call.

Whether you call the police station or visit in person, the desk officer can tell you if the individual was processed through that particular precinct. Even if the individual hasn’t been taken to jail, an arrest record should still exist, so officers will be aware of the arrest.

Ask What the Charges Are

Police cannot arrest someone without probable cause. Once an officer has confirmed to you that your loved one has been arrested and processed, ask what the charges are. This can help you better understand the situation and determine the next steps you’ll take. Then, ask to see your loved one.

Tell Them Not to Talk to Anyone Other Than an Attorney

Seeing your loved one can help relieve your fears and confirm that they are OK. However, when you see your loved one, it’s most important that you tell them not to say anything at all to the police. They should only make statements after they have spoken to an attorney.

Anything they do say can be held against them in the future, which could prove harmful to their case.

Contact a Criminal Defense Attorney

If your loved one has been arrested, contact a Nevada criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. At the Law Office of Joel M. Mann, we will fight for your loved one’s rights starting from the time of arrest, all the way through trial, if that is what is necessary. We know that an arrest does not mean an automatic conviction, and we will work hard to prevent the case from getting that far.

Contact us today so we can begin reviewing the case in a free consultation and helping your loved one as soon as possible.