Whenever a tourist walks down the Vegas Strip, he or she is likely to see flyers everywhere advertising for escort services. The flyers frequently feature nude women and seem to scream “sex.” However, they almost never say “sex,” and they certainly never say “prostitute.” It would be easy for a tourist to think that any sexual services they believe offered are legal, especially when they see people passing out the flyers right in front of a police officer.

However, whether people on the flyers call themselves “prostitutes” or “escorts,” if they perform a sexual act for compensation, it could be, under the law, the criminal charge of prostitution, and the person paying for such acts could face fines, a criminal record and even jail time if convicted.

Many tourists are not even concerned about the pretense of prostitution vs. escort, because they mistakenly believe prostitution is legal in Las Vegas. The nearest legal brother is in Nye County, far away from the Vegas Strip.

“Escorts” are not illegal. In fact, escort services are regulated by Clark County, where Las Vegas is located, under County Code Chapter 8.32. An escort is defined as a person who consorts or accompanies with another for hire, in public and private settings. Escorts are to be licensed and possess work cards. They are not to perform any kind of sexual service, or risk losing their license and face criminal charges.

Their advertising is also carefully regulated. They are not to even imply that they provide any kind of sexual conduct. And if one were to look at most advertisements, the women may be nude, semi-nude or dressed in lingerie, and they may say the women will come to clients’ hotel rooms, but will never say anything about any sexual service provided.

It is perfectly legal for a tourist to hire an escort to accompany him or her to a show, or dinner, or even to sit in a hotel room and chat. The second that the tourist communicates any expectation of a sexual act during the scope of that escort’s job, however, the tourist has crossed the legal line and may face charges of solicitation.

While most acts of prostitution that occur in Las Vegas do go unprosecuted, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department routinely runs sting operations, where undercover agents target those seeking prostitutes through escort services. If caught in one of these, the accused’s Las Vegas solicitation attorney can review whether an entrapment defense is available.

For an entrapment defense, the accused or his or her attorney must show that the idea for the act came from the undercover agent, that the agent persuaded the accused to act, and that the accused was not willing or ready to commit the crime before the agent persuaded him or her. If entrapment is proven, the accused cannot be convicted.

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