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There are many stages to a casino marker or casino debt before it even becomes a filed criminal case. It is important that you have a casino marker attorney that can help you wade through the bureaucracy that is involved in resolving a casino marker. Many clients have been long time casino gamblers and have a long history with the casino’s and their collections department. That relationship can have an impact on whether the casino will be willing to deal with the client. In the end it is all about money. In this economy the Casino’s want money as quickly as possible and when you can provide them with a lump sum of money it goes a lot further than if you want to make small payments. Many times with lump sum payments you can get settlements for much less than what the debt is worth. However, if the Casino thinks you are trying to cheat them out of money and you have more to give, they are going to be less inclined to work out something. The Casinos know that they can always send the case to the District Attorney for prosecution and that you would be much more willing to pay when you are looking at a felony conviction.

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