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When you go to casino’s like Mandalay Bay and apply for a casino marker, do not be fooled by their application title “credit application.”

When we think Credit we think that it is a loan where if we don’t pay it off we will be held liable… in civil court. Meaning that the creditor can go after your funds through means of suing you, garnishing your wages, etc. Although these applications for casino markers indicate that it is a credit application, this is misleading and plain wrong. A casino marker by Nevada law is considered to be the same thing as you writing a check. The law indicates that by you writing the check and the check not clearing that you must have intended to commit fraud. This is drastically different then when you get credit you have every intention to pay it later.

So why is it then that casino’s indicate in their applications that it is credit? The reason being is that if they didn’t the gambler may think twice about taking out the marker, and if they think twice they will not gamble which is bad for the casino. The casino uses this tactic in order to manipulate you into spending money, and then when they don’t get their money they go after the gambler will the full weight of the Clark County District Attorney’s Office filing felony charges against you.

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