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Henderson Arrests

Henderson Arrests

If you're facing criminal charges in Henderson, you are likely feeling the stress and anxiety that accompanies a criminal arrest. Criminal charges of all kinds can be significantly troublesome, so properly fighting against a conviction is a very important thing to ensure that you are able to do in your situation. If you seek the legal aid of a committed and experienced criminal defense attorney, you can effectively fight a conviction and not have to worry about the negative consequences that come along with one.

The Law Office of Joel M. Mann can help you get your charges dropped or reduced and get your life back to normal after a criminal case. Call us or use our online contact form to schedule a free consultation.

Henderson Criminal Defense Attorney

There are a wide variety of criminal defense issues that can be addressed, and it is important to have a lawyer who is experienced in each of them in order to successfully defend your case. Each type of case has specific details that are important to the process of defending it, so a lawyer who is familiar with these characteristics can more effectively defend you. Some of the different types of cases you can face in Henderson include:

If you've been charged with any of these crimes in Nevada, it's important that you seek legal representation to defend against your charges as quickly as possible following your arrest. Postponing action can cause you to lose valuable evidence that could serve to exonerate you in your case. Call The Law Office of Joel M. Mann in Las Vegas today to schedule a free consultation.

Henderson Court Resources

Henderson Justice Court

243 Water Street
Henderson, NV 89015
Phone: (702) 455-7951

Henderson Municipal Court

243 Water Street
Henderson, NV 89015
Phone: (702) 267-3300

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Law Office of Joel M. Mann - Henderson Criminal Defense Attorney

Following a criminal charge in Henderson, being able to effectively combat a conviction for your case is essential. Enlisting the services of an experienced criminal defense attorney can help you ensure that your rights are protected and you are given a fair trial. The prosecution won't rest until they prove their case, so we will do the same for you.

A Henderson criminal defense attorney such as Joel Mann can help you get the best possible results in your criminal defense case. Call, visit, or email us, and we can set up a free consultation to answer your questions and discuss the facts of your case.

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