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Law Office of Joel M. Mann

Las Vegas Criminal Defense Attorney

If you or someone you know has been arrested or charged with a crime in Las Vegas, the anxiety and stress can be overwhelming. It is crucial to get legal representation from a lawyer who will fight for you, educate you about the criminal defense process, and relieve your stress. Even the least serious criminal charge can have a significant impact on your future. At the Law Office of Joel M. Mann, we're ready to assist you with your criminal case. Contact our office at (702) 474-6266 for a free initial evaluation of your case.

We deal directly with clients on building a defense to criminal charges related to DUI or drunk driving, casino markers, possession of drugs, violation of probation, theft crimes, white collar crime, fraud, domestic violence, sex crimes, violent crimes, gun, firearm, weapon offenses, and all felonies and misdemeanors. We only handle criminal matters and provide a free consultation to answer your questions. It's important to schedule this initial consultation immediately so we can start building your defense as early as possible.

Joel Mann in the Media

Criminal Defense Advocate

What makes us different than other criminal defense law firms that, when you hire us, you get us. Building a strong relationship with our clients is one of our highest priorities. We believe the attorney-client relationship is a partnership. We are committed to being advocates for you during every stage of the case. With a strong attorney relationship, our office will provide you with quality criminal defense representation. At the Law Office of Joel M. Mann, we have successfully defended clients with all types of criminal defense cases, including both misdemeanors and felonies.

The outcome of your case depends on the specific facts of the individual circumstances. Based on the details obtained in our initial conversation, we determine how much the case will cost and give the potential client a flat rate fee for our service. Every case is different and every case has a different outcome. Our firm works diligently to get the best possible result for each individual case.

This website was created to provide general information about many very specific criminal offenses and possible defenses under Nevada law.

Invoke Your Miranda Rights Against Self-Incrimination - “You have the right to remain silent...”

If you are stopped by a federal or state law enforcement officer, you can invoke your constitutional right to remain silent. You should contact our office immediately so that we can protect your legal rights before you make any statement to law enforcement. To invoke your right to remain silent you simply say, “I am invoking my right to remain silent until AFTER I have spoken to an attorney.” After invoking your rights, do not make any statement about the facts of the case.

Even if you are completely innocent of the accusation, once you learn you are the target of a criminal investigation, never make a statement to any law enforcement officer. The Constitution of the United States of America recognizes your right against self-incrimination. Under most circumstances, your silence can not be used against you at trial. In other words, the jury will never be told that you asked for an attorney. You can decide to speak to law enforcement, but your statements may be misconstrued and used against you. Your side of the story can best be told through your attorney.

Fighting for Your Best Result

Every case is different. Together we can devise a strategy to defend you against the pending criminal charges. If you have been charged with a crime in the greater Las Vegas area, Joel Mann can negotiate with the District Attorney’s Office to get the charges dropped or dismissed. If the charges are not dropped, there are often defenses that can be aggressively litigated before trial like:

  • Motions to Exclude Evidence;
  • Motions to Suppress Evidence; or
  • Motions to Dismiss the Criminal Charges.

Joel Mann will discuss all your options and, with his knowledge and experience, guide you through the legal system in Las Vegas to help you obtain the best result for your situation.

Mitigate the Direct and Indirect Consequences of Criminal Charges

If you have been arrested for a criminal offense, the indirect consequences may be much greater than just the punishment that the court will announce. Many indirect consequences occur after an arrest that can last for a lifetime. Certain types of criminal convictions can be a career-ending event for professions including teachers, doctors, accountants, dentists, and pharmacists, among other professions. It's critical to work with an attorney who understands what's at stake and will not settle for any outcome that will irrevocably harm your career.

Defending Tourists in Las Vegas

Were you arrested for DUI, shoplifting, possession of marijuana, drug possession, solicitation, or any other misdemeanor or felony while visiting Las Vegas? If so, Attorney Joel Mann may be able to handle your entire case without your presence. In certain cases, we can resolve your case without any requirement that you return to Las Vegas. If you are charged with a misdemeanor offense, Joel may be able to convince the court to waive your appearance at many, if not all, of your court dates. For many clients who live outside the State of Nevada, we strive to help you avoid any costly and unnecessary trips to court while we are aggressively fighting the charges.

Don’t gamble with your future

If you are charged with a criminal offense in Las Vegas, you have a limited time to fight the charges. It's important to go over the facts of your case with an experienced criminal defense attorney as early as possible. Contact our office at 702-474-6266 for a free evaluation of your chips

We'll be able to advise you of all your rights and options and begin building your defense right away.